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代表取締役 塩野谷 壯志

代表取締役 塩野谷 壯志





代表取締役 塩野谷 壯志


Edoya celebrated 50 years of service in 2012. We started out as a wholesale company, and later developed the company to where we now conduct a variety of business including; development, processing and sales of agricultural products, livestock, seafood and other marine products.

While the environment surrounding the food industry continues to change at a rapid pace, our company has mainly relied on the development and sales of products made from Hokkaido ingredients, namely from Tokachi where the company was established. We continue to pursue safety and reliability, as well as taste in our products, which undergo strict quality control and management, without failing to maintain a wide variety of merchandise that contributes toward fulfillment in dining pleasure and food culture.

A strong will to "Provide the finest quality in products" is at the heart of our corporate activities and ambition. Our company will continue to be unified and committed to pursuing authentic taste, while meeting the needs of the market.

President Masashi Shionoya